Love is Patient! Love is Kind!

13 Sep


Returning to work after a 5 day vacation is never easy. It becomes all the more tough when you do not depend on God. Well last week took me by surprise…

For a starter, i was really pissed off that somethings had been done without my knowledge and there was an opportunity to get back for me and yea like a fool i did. I really continued to do it. Everyday responsibilities piled up and yea my dependency on God was at an ultra low after an ultra high two weeks. The same guy who was taught what to do every moment failed to see that he needed to depend on God for everything.

Well, time went by and sin slowly crept up into the plate and moved me away from God. I had meditated on the words in I Corinthians 13 about love only the last week. It goes like “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance”. I have been thinking and wondering why there was so much stress on the word Love last week. Even the youth fellowship was about Love.

Well I realize that i have been holding what happened previously at my work place and have waited for the opportunity and exploded at the right moment. Well now that’s not what Love is. Its about patiently enduring what comes through your way even if you haven’t done any wrong and are being accused for it.

The last incident that hit me hard was when i got angry at someone who is dear to me and I just realized that I really needed to spend time with God in order to rectify my mistakes. Well the question running on in me was, whether I would be accepted for all the hatred I had in me and the sin I had in me. I just realized that i had hurt two people I dearly loved. One was my Daddy and the other was a very special friend. I was wondering if i ever would be accepted and I had all my answers from 2 Corinthians 1: 21, 22 where He says that He is the one who strengthens me and He is the one who has chosen me. I am really thankful for the Love which He shows everyday that even when I am stupid and run away He is patient; His love is patient and kind.

I do not know if she will ever read this… But I’m really sorry for hurting you my dear friend…


I promise to exercise more love on people… Do help me out with whatever i do… Strengthen me for today’s work pa. And make sure i do not do anything to hurt anyone ever again.


My Daddy!!!

27 Aug


Your ways of loving me and caring for me are beyond bounds. You know i long for a lot of things and i want a lot of things. But sometimes i love the way you take care of me. Today was too good daddy!!! The way you talked to me as to every thing that was gonna happen. Even when i felt it was all over; the time with You daddy is so amazing. Emotionally i don know what to say; if i can just hug you always and talk to you every moment, that’s more than enough daddy!!! 🙂

I know that you have been the only one who has been there for me every time i needed something. I know i have been bought with a price daddy; and i know that i have to live holy and obey you…but i just don know daddy. Sometimes i feel i am a piglet who just wants to stay in the gutter daddy even if you wash me many times. I am sorry for being a piglet daddy.. You told me to run away from evil daddy.. i want you to help me daddy… its tough at times daddy… help me know..

Whatever i have to do, you teach me daddy… Like the same way you talked to me daddy.. And i’m sorry for everything that i have done wrong today daddy!!! take away my sins daddy!!!

I want to live a life for you daddy!!! Take me and use me daddy… whatever you want to do in my life; Let it alone happen 🙂 🙂

Love, Hugs and Kisses

Satheesh G S

Love is a wonderful thing!!!

31 Jan

Yea.. that’s definitely right!
Love is a wonderful thing. When i first realised this i was probably fresh outta my teens and joined college. The day i saw her i fell for her. Probably bubbling with emotions and that was love at first sight! It was not corrupted by any malicious thoughts as many antagonists of love would term love usually is. Well I was willing to get to know her first and this continued on and on and on. There was a huge wave of emotions and feelings rising from the relationship. The closer i got to her, the more the friendship grew, the more the love for her grew. It grew by leaps and bounds. It never ended when i knew that i couldn’t marry my communist girl as she was. The Love shown by my Father on the cross was greater than that what my red salwar could ever give me.

Time rolled on and life or fate as it is so dearly called united us once again.. and this time in an unknown land, the land of a thousand dreams. This time, I fell for her once again. Willing to throw away the Love shown by my Father, I forsake the first love so willingly that it shames me even now. Then came the time of walking in the darkness, physical as well as emotional. The darkness in me so great that when i read the passage “Walk as children of the Light”, I broke me down even though it was after a couple of years. The memories of the six years remain! The ghost of my previous experience haunts! But still, Love is a wonderful feeling when you recognize He did it all for me and I am his.

I always get reminded of the words “You are not your own; you were bought with a price”

How great is the Father’s love which isn’t reciprocated by me most of the time when I sin.
True “Love is a wonderful feeling” 🙂 Let me see if i can kick in my second song on this theme 🙂 🙂 I want to love Him but i often fail!!!

Men of Faith!!!

13 Dec

I’ve always enjoyed singing for the Lord and i just missed my dear friend Prem today when i was listening to one of the old songs that we played when we were both together in our undergrad education. This song still motivates me to keep up my faith. Hope we guys grow up everyday to be Men of Faith!!!

and Hope we will be called “Good and Faithful servant” by the Lord one day!!!

Missing all my friends in college.

The Broken Rib

12 Dec

A song that i wrote!!! 🙂 and am writing 🙂 🙂


The broken Rib

Now Adam was in a perfect world

Filled with mammals and greeneries

Commander over all the earth

Still Adam was so lonely…. So lonely


The Lord gave Adam a peaceful sleep,

He took one bone of the man’s left rib (He took one bone of Adam’s rib)

The mother of all living, the beauty Eve was formed,

The Lord brought Eve before him, and Adam sang,



Male voice:        You’re my bone of bones,

You’re my flesh of flesh……

  Female voice:   I’m your bone of bones

                                  I’m your flesh of flesh

Male voice:        My perfect helper, my broken rib

  Female voice: I am your broken rib

Male voice:        You are my broken rib!!!!!

When the darkness closes in Lord!

5 Dec

Chris Tomlin’s “Blessed be Your name” is a really nice song that I have always loved and one that I have cherished for a long time even before I actually turned back my ways to the Lord. One song whose meaning I don’t think I have really grasped until a few days ago. You know it’s said that Christians always lie a lot when they sing, the reason behind it being that we seldom do mean what we sing.

I was on the way back from my office driving through the lonely woods as I would call them. The road is always deserted and though has street lights put up, never have I seen them to be switched on. It was one such cold night and I was listening to some instrumentals on my phone. Amazing grace was one and then came “Blessed be Your name”. Without even the slightest of hesitation or thought, I started singing n humming to the tune. The song’s lyric was something that was coming from my mind.

Then came the lines “when the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say”…. I wanted to really test out what it meant to experience darkness. I switched off my headlights and tried driving for around three hundred meters or so. Even though I had used the road for around two to three months and knew where the entire stretch of bumps was, I couldn’t help but be extra cautious and drive at a much slower pace than I usually do. Then I began to wonder

Do I really mean the words that I sing?

Do I really follow what I teach?

Am I really the one whom I want to be?

Driving in the darkness on a familiar path is tough and you generally don’t have praises for the way in which the road has been built or the way in which the lights have been switched off. But that’s what we as children of Christ should be doing… Are we willing to take that extra mile of faith to give thanks in all circumstances? On a personal note, I’m finding it tough…

This went on for weeks together, the shuttling between my ideas and we ended up in thanksgiving Sunday. The choir sang beautifully, the youth dressed wonderfully and the church decorated graciously. The highlight of the event was the Christian jazz band from the US called the “House of Souls”. One person in the audience stood up and wanted to say something to praise God. The mike was given to him and he said, “My child was predicted with symptoms of down syndrome. But praise God that he/she’s born normal.” The church was thankful and praised God.

After a while the singer/ instrumentalist came up and was talking to us, “Brother! You said you thank God for your child was not born with down syndrome… I am thankful to God for Sarah, my seven year old who was born with down syndrome. It shouldn’t be that you thank God for your circumstances. It should be that you thank God for everyday possible.” That was a personal challenge issued to me to test myself. To thank God in all my circumstances. I’m going to try to. That’s the personal challenge for me.